We have designed a simple 4 step framework – called FIDS (Feel, Imagine, Do, Share) that cultivates the I CAN MIndset.

FIDS puts the focus on the WHO and WHY before asking the WHAT and HOW in education.


This step starts with asking you to slow down and 'understand' the situation before jumping to 'solve' it.

Why is it Important?

It develops EMPATHY.

When you want to design a better solution, you need to move from 'assumptions' to 'insights' - this happens when you engage with the user and design solutions 'WITH', instead of 'FOR' them.


This step asks you to brainstorm solutions to improve, enrich, change the user experience.

Why is it important?

It develops ETHICS.

When you choose to offer a solution to change the current situation, it asks you to take the 'responsibility' for the same. This mindset helps you believe that you are NOT helpless, change IS possible and YOU can drive it!


This step is about creative agency and the ability to take timely action.

Why is it Important?

It develops EXCELLENCE.

'Action' that follows 'intention' results in desired 'impact'. Furthermore, the focus on details allows the action to improve the 'quality' of the experience, building a habit for excellence.


The final step is 'Share' - cultivating the abundance mentality.

Why is it Important?

It develops ELEVATION

Elevation is the shift from 'competing' with others to 'completing' others. Inherent in this step is the belief that the 'I CAN' spirit offers hope and inspiration for further change.

Go ahead, be a storyteller and shamelessly inspire others to 'Be the Change'!