• Kiran Sethi
    Kiran Sethi

    Kiran Bir Sethi is an Indian educationist, designer and thinker. She founded the Riverside School in 2001 and since then has infected millions of students and educators with the ‘I CAN Mindset’ through her design thinking framework of ‘Feel-Imagine-Do-Share’ (FIDS).

    Kiran has been a prominent thought leader and advocate for child centric education for over a decade. In 2008 she initiated ‘aProCh’ (A Protagonist in Every Child), a simple way to make our cities more child friendly, and in 2009 then founded ‘DFC’ (Design for Change’). DFC has become the world’s largest student led movement of change, currently empowering children to be changemakers across 65 countries, keeping ‘Empathy’ at the centre of all their projects for improving their communities. Kiran’s latest offering to educators is the ‘I CAN School’ program, which aims to empower every school stakeholder with the tools and belief to build an I CAN culture in their schools.

    Among numerous honours, Kiran has been awarded an Ashoka Fellowship in 2008, INDEX – Design to Improve Life Award in 2011, Rockefeller Foundation Youth Innovation Award in 2012 and Patricia Blunt Koldyke Fellowship 2013 from the Chicago Council on Global Affairs. Design for Change was declared Lego Foundation's Reimagine Learning Challenge Champion in 2014 and the next year Kiran was chosen as one of the Top 10 Educators for the Global Teacher Prize. In June 2017, she met the Pope in the Vatican to sign an Agreement whereby DFC is being introduced in over 460,000 Catholic Schools across the Globe.

    Kiran is married to Geet Sethi, a world champion in Billiards. They have two children, Raag and Jazz, who share their passion for education. She enjoys reading extensively and is a self confessed movie buff.

  • Pranay Desai
    Pranay Desai

    Pranay Desai has 15 years of design experience and practice behind him, and is responsible for the website design and the user interface of the I CAN SCHOOL platform. He graduated from the prestigious MS University of Baroda and specializes in Visual Communication. His core competency is in the area of Graphic Design. Pranay has been a visiting faculty for Art and Design at Riverside for the students of Keystage 3 for the past ten years and alongside this,he has been responsible for the design backend and support for Design for Change since its inception in 2009. In his spare time, he is a passionate off roader and traveller.

  • Niall Walsh
    Niall Walsh

    Niall is team leader at the I CAN SCHOOL, having previously worked for four years at Riverside as an English language, literature and Global Perspectives teacher, alongside developing a more inclusive Sports curriculum. Niall’s passion for education was triggered teaching in and managing volunteer projects in Kenya and Kolkata, and he also has experience teaching design thinking to University students in Ireland. He has a BA in Literature from Trinity College Dublin and a MSc in Education Science & Technology from the University of Twente in the Netherlands. Niall is an avid football player and a keen reader, who believes in the power of sport and literature as a way to help students understand themselves better and connect more with the world around them.

  • Neena Mehta
    Neena Mehta

    Neena heads training at the I CAN SCHOOL, and her practice is informed by her experience leading Riverside Learning Centre (RLC) for the past three years. Neena’s ability to build professional and personal relationships has been a key asset to Riverside in the multiple roles she has held in the organisation. She values the school’s purpose and has a passionate way of promoting its cause, which she demonstrates while managing RLC and working with trainees and educators from around the world. Neena has Bachelor’s degrees in Business Administration from Sydenham College and Computer Technology from Purdue University, in addition to a Postgraduate Diploma in Systems Management from NIIT.

  • Jahnavi Mehta
    Jahnavi Mehta

    Meet Eduhero Jahnavi Mehta, also known as The Humanist. Jahnavi’s goal is to infect as many people as she can with the ‘I CAN’ bug, and one of the ways in which she does this is our lead trainer in the I CAN SCHOOL program. For the past five years, Jahnavi has been conducting school visits, audits, and teacher trainings for a range of schools within and beyond India, and she regularly shares the best practices of Riverside. Jahnavi has been at Riverside since its inception seventeen years ago, teaching and leading in the early and middle school programs, and has a wealth of experience to bring as a trainer. Additionally, she is a graduate in Commerce and has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from IGNOU. During her spare time, Jahnavi likes listening to music in her spare time, and is a big fan of classic Bollywood movies!

  • Vibha Chhabra
    Vibha Chhabra

    Vibha is passionate about both education and writing, which perfectly aligns with her work as Content creator & prototyper for the I CAN SCHOOL platform. She had previously been part of the Riverside Learning Centre for more than 3 years.Alongside this, she works with an NGO based school for less privileged children in Gurgaon,where she takes language classes with adolescents and mentors new teachers. Academically, she holds a Postgraduate Diploma in Public Health Management and a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmacy and has spent more than a decade in the Public Health sector and the Pharmaceutical industry in Delhi, Gurgaon and Gujarat.Vibha loves to write, cook, watch good cinema and is an avid reader. By sharing and inviting insights on philosophy and education, she enjoys being in a dual state of learning & teaching.

  • Namrata Jajoo
    Namrata Jajoo

    A keen observer and learner at heart, Namrata's role as ‘content creator’ for the I CAN SCHOOL aligns very well with her passion for contributing to the well-being and development of educators and students. Namrata has more than two decades of diverse work experience in the fields of corporate communications, marketing, and education. She is completing her Ph.D. thesis on ‘Quality Circles’ and has received training from Harvard Business School and IIM, as well as being a Gallup certified Clifton StrengthsFinder Coach. Namrata has a keen interest in the Indian art forms and deeply believes in human potential and its connectedness with nature.

  • Cheena Srinivasan
    Cheena Srinivasan

    Cheena is a part of the content creation team at the I CAN SCHOOL. Prior to joining the Riverside school as an educator in 2016, he worked with Teach For India for six years, first as a Fellow teaching in low-income primary schools, and then as a coach and supervisor. He holds a bachelor's degree in arts and laws, and loves riding his motorcycle Sadie to old and new places.

  • Nirav Modha
    Nirav Modha

    Nirav is the lead documenter for the I CAN SCHOOL, converting the Riverside processes into short films that simple to understand and easy to share. Nirav is a post graduate in Multimedia and International Trade, and has been working with Riverside in documentation for the past four years. He has specialised in Motion Graphics, Brand Solutions and Post production, and has 12 years experience working with leading media houses in India. He also runs his own creative agency, Talking cloud. Outside of the workplace, Nirav is passionate about both nature and yoga

  • Raag Sethi
    Raag Sethi

    Raag Sethi was part of the very first core design team with DFC when it started in 2009. He graduated from the Chapman University in California, majoring in integrated educational studies and is pursuing his masters of science in child and adolescent development psychology. Currently, he is working on developing some of the packs for DFC and creating and editing audio / video materials.

  • Himendra Negi
    Himendra Negi

    Himendra is a filmmaker for the I CAN SCHOOL, have worked as a film language lecturer in ICAT Hyderabad and a freelance cartoonist in 'Divya Himachal’ newspaper. He is also an art and design faculty in Riverside has a BA in economics and is a post graduate from the National Institute of Design Ahmedabad. He loves sports, video games, knowing people and interacting with people from different backgrounds.

  • Phoram Desai
    Phoram Desai

    Phoram is focusing on developing module content specifically for use in the early years context. She has been part of Riverside school since its inception, teaching and leading in Key Stage 1 for over 15 years, and thus brings a wealth of experience to the I CAN SCHOOL content creation team. Phoram is an Arts graduate from Mithibai College, has a Bachelor’s degree in Education from IGNOU, and has Postgraduate Diplomas in Early Childhood Education and Hotel and Hospitality Administration from SNDT University, Mumbai.

  • Prachi Mittal
    Prachi Mittal

    Prachi is working as part of the I CAN school outreach to partner organisations, as well as teaching Math in Key Stage 2. Born and brought up in Kota, Rajasthan, Prachi comes from a hardcore engineering background. A chemical engineer by training and entrepreneur at heart, she started working with Avanti - an ed tech startup - right after she finished her B.Tech from ICT, Mumbai in 2015. After working in various fields including sales, marketing and teaching in some capacity at Avanti for more than two and a half years, she decided to go deeper into education and hence joined Riverside. She is an avid reader and loves poetry. When not at work, is foundtalking, debating or dreaming.

  • Raghav Kapoor
    Raghav Kapoor

    Raghav is focusing on evaluation and change management for the I CAN school and has a B.S in Computer Engineering, from the North Dakota State University in North Dakota, US. He has worked with Microsoft Corporation, US and India for over 5 years. Raghav discovered his passion for the field of education when he worked for a federally funded organisation that worked towards education equity in the US. Originally from Kolkata, Raghav has recently moved to Ahmedabad and is excited to start his journey with Riverside as an educator. Raghav loves to travel, indulge in food and looks forward to new and varied experiences.

  • Amrita Gantara
    Amrita Gantara

    Amrita is focusing on evaluation and quality control for the I CAN schools, alongside Mathematics and Physics in Key Stage 3. She has a B.S. in Biotechnology and Sociology, from the North Dakota State University in North Dakota, US. She has also received a M.Ed. in Teaching Education – Biological Sciences, from the same alma mater. Additionally, she is a 2016 Teach for India alumnus who taught a total of 112 students of grade 3 and grade 4 in Mumbai and Hyderabad over a period of two years. Amrita has a passion for traveling, meeting new people, and experiencing new cultures. She also loves teaching and aspires to be an advocate for educational equity.